Do's and Don'ts in Hermitage Homestays:


  • Do always keep the tent flaps properly zipped up.
  • Do keep your valuables in the lockable space provided.
  • Do consider the place as your home and keep it as clean as possible.
  • Do use water judiciously so that it is not wasted.
  • Do be as quiet as possible. The quieter you will be, the louder you will hear nature speak.
  • Do dress appropriately in subdued earth colors and please keep the sensitivities of traditional local people in mind while dressing.
  • Do ask before taking photographs of locals and avoid being intrusive.
  • Do try to get up early in the mornings to enjoy the magnificent sunrise and hear the jungle calls. It will recharge you as never before.
  • Do try to learn a few words of the local lingo. It will make people smile.


  • Do not disturb wildlife and always maintain a safe distance.
  • Do not smoke inside or near the tents to avoid fire hazard.
  • NEVER buy, collect or trade in wildlife products or derivatives. If caught, it will certainly lead to prosecution.
  • Do not enter the river for swimming or bathing purposes.
  • NEVER EVER place your hands or feet in nooks and crannies or places where you cannot see directly. A Scorpion or a Russell’s Viper could be there.
  • Never cross the rock wall (Khakri) to the south and east of property. If you do this, you will be trespassing on the Panna Tiger Reserve with its attendant consequences.
  • Do not bring any pets on the property.
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