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Nature walks

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Farming Activities

Traditional winter crops of the area are wheat, gram, mustard etc.

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Wildlife Viewing

Several wild animals like cheetal, sambhar, wild boar, hare, porcupine etc. often visit the property during dark hours to raid the crops.

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The Ken river is teeming with fish and crocodile life.

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Bundelkhandi cuisine and style of cooking are very distinctive.

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Evening camp fires are the central attraction of the place.

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Extra Activities

Certain extra activities can be undertaken if the guests have the time and inclination. These are Safari drives in the Panna Tiger Reserve, Khajuraho and Panna temple tours, a visit to nearby Pandav Falls and Raneh Falls or slightly longer drives to Orchha and Kalinjar fort. These can be arranged if prior information is given and booking amount for transport is deposited. But guests have to remember that all Safari drives are booked online and are therefore advised to pre book them before their arrival.


All Safari drives are booked online and there is a restriction on the number of vehicles entering the park from both the gates. A maximum of six persons are allowed per vehicle. Entry timings change with the change of seasons and when it rains the park is closed down altogether. Visitors entering the park from Madla gate in evening drives have the added attraction of taking the optional motor boat ride to observe crocodiles. Sometimes Tigers too show up on the banks.

Although, with Tiger numbers going up recently, there is a good possibility of sighting one, yet visitors are advised to not make their visits too Tiger-centric. There are many other life forms in the jungle that are of great interest besides the formidable bird life of the area. For forest lovers at least one morning and one evening drive is recommended, although there are people who take four to six drives to whet their appetites.


The place could be made a base to visit several locations of tourist interest. Orchha ( 175 kms.), Jhansi (190 kms.), Datia (220 kms.) and Pitambara Devi are easy return drives that could be done in a day. Similarly, the great medieval fort of Kalinjar is a day visit drive away. The famous diamond mines of Panna are a destination in themselves that make the visitors wonder at the great amounts of overburden that has to be removed to get so small amounts of the precious stone.

The entire countryside is so serene and green that just taking a drive on certain roads with a picnic lunch and coming back in the evenings is a very refreshing experience. If one is in the area in the mustard flowering season then the sight of bright yellow fields and vibrant greens will make one’s day.

For those who do not wish to go far away, there are places of interest nearby too. The temples of Khajuraho and Panna, the Ken Gharial Sanctuary and Raneh and Pandav Falls are quite nearby.

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